Divine Imperials of Colossal Genocide

Welcome to ƁԼƠƠƊƳƝƛƬƖƠƝ!

Welcome all fellow TDP4 players!  This is a TDP4 clan. Here you can play TDP4, fight your way to the top, and talk with other members in the chat box. The requirements to join this clan are down below, on top of the chat.

Attention all Members! If you are new, make sure to bookmark this clan page; we don't want this clan to die! Please be loyal by being showing up here any time you're on TDP4. :) 

Here are our rules to joining and the chatbox:

Only Main Owners are allowed to accept or declare wars. 

Multiclanning is forbidden.

BE RESPECTFUL to your clan members.

- Moderators and Owners must have THEIR OWN TDP4 account. 

- In order to be put on the new rankings list, you must prove yourself active to BN first. 

- Do not spam in the chatbox.

- Do not advertise other Xat chats.

- Do not beg for Days/Xats/Powers! 

- Don't beg for promotions, and don't whine if you don't get promotions.

- Moderators and Owners should not kick/ban for any other reason than the ones above. 

- Moderators and Owners must be registered users on Xat.



If you're new to Xat, it'll give you a stupid name like LoveDumpling or Snooglepuff, etc.. Click on your name to change it. When you click your name, (you are the first on the scroll on the right, your name should be something really weird, something like MoopsieCute or something), change it to your TDP4 name, then press OK. If you want an account on Xat, register to Xat. It's free and simple. Just go to http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php You don't have to if you don't want to, this is just if you want your own personal account, and to access it from anywhere.

Now you're all done . Have fun!



News Section                                                                     

3/2/2013 Hello Bn! Wraith here. Now you might be asking yourself why I haven't been on in such a long time. I have a reason for that. Unfortunately my migraines have restarted, and it's been real tough. However, I have been to the chat frequently recently (I was logged out and just didn't decide to login). Why did I not login? The only two people I see online are Thunder and Young, and they're always alone! Big props to you two for being very loyal. WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE ELSE? I'd really like to see this active again... IF WE CAN GET AT LEAST TEN PEOPLE ACTIVE I WILL HIGHLY CONSIDER CHOOSING SOMEONE AT RANDOM AND GIVING THEM SOMETHING! EITHER GIVING MY POWERS AWAY, ITUNES CARD, UGC. BUT YOU, LADIES AND GENTS, NEED TO GET ACTIVE FOR THAT! I will check back regularly for activity.

RECRUIT! -/- Combi/Wraith/Cofounder/Whateveryoucallme


4/22/2013  I'd like to start by congratulating Nazi on getting Main, he definetely deserves it. 

Second of all I'd like to thank 80% of you for being loyal, among those are Cliff, Nazi, Thunder, Young, Aj, GTCT, Cruxis, and Calico. If your name isn't here it's because you should come on more!
This leads us to the third thing I'd like to discuss. Please recruit! Our activity is good but we need more recruits! This leads us to my last comment. The last entry is real and I will reward the people who recruits the most and the people who are active. The problem is that I do not have any money. I don't even have money for myself since I can't go get a job because of my frigging migraines. Hang in there!
Thanks to everyone for keeping us a family! 
PS : Please call me FinalResist from now on please!




We would like to apologize for not posting any news entries since the last one. A lot of us were really busy with school and especially exams, but now it is summer, so here's my entry BlueNinjas! Oh you don't like that name? Okay. :( Jokes aside, I would like to say that yes, I am alive! The reason for me not being online is that my laptop basically has a mind of its own (it doesn't always work). I would also like to let you know that I have not let go of Bn and nor do I plan to for at least the next year. I am trying everything to come online and fix my laptop. Unfortunately, I don't know when this will be all fixed so I can't give you a date, but I will be back soon.


Chat Box & How You Rank Up

Owner Moderator Member Guest Banned Offline

       Remember, only a General is allowed to accept or declare war!

To get any type of Promotion (e.g.: Moderator; Owner; [2]; [3]): You must be skillful, active, and have contributed to BN. (This usually takes a few weeks or months).

To qualify for Owner: You must have a 17/17 account with at least Barrett, PG, and M20, and be extremely skillful.

To qualify for Moderator: You must have a 17/17 account.

Bn Requirements: You must be 16/16+ with at least gaussIf you are not 16/16+ and still want to join Bn, apply for BnG (BloodyNationGuards). They are still part of the clan. BnG is the miniature version of us (it operates with diminished requirements).

BnG Requirements: You must be level 15 or higher
and have a weapon that is SOP or better. We have exceptions for low levels if they have good weapons or artifacts.

In order to be put on the new rankings list, you must prove yourself active and loyal to BN first. 

If you are unsure what to do, feel free to ask a Moderator or Owner for help. Enjoy your stay!

 War Record 39-6

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The Rankings

The Ranking List

cliffcatastrophe [12]

Faster999 [11] 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


tђยภ๔єг [9]

ฬгคเtђ๓คภ [8] 



ajbarr [6]

CruxisLeader [5] 

Yacky [5]


THE∂ץ๏ยภﻮ๒l๏๏๔ [4] 

krazymonkey45 [3]

Yournightmare12 [2]

ASAP_Rocky [2]




Only Members with a rank above Private will be shown due to the continuous fluctuations of clan activity.

** = on suspension. 



The order of the AR (Authority Rankings):

Each Member of BN has a rank: Member, Moderator, or Owner. Unlike the old military rankings, these ranks mean authority, and stricter judgement will occur. Keep in mind that the bigger numbers means more authority. Everyone starts at [1], [5], or [8]. Inactives don't have ranks.


Members (Eggs):

[1] Private

[2] Private First Class

[3] Corporal

[4] Master Corporal 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Moderators (Squad Leaders):

[5] Sergeant

[6] Master Sergeant

[7] Commanding Sergeant Major

Owners (Phoenixes):

[8] Lieutenant

[9] Major

[10] Colonel

[11] Lieutenant General (2nd in Command)

[12] General (Main Owner)



Recruiting Specialists: THE∂ץ๏ยภﻮ๒l๏๏๔


Territorial/Clan Matters

BloodyNation is definitely getting bigger! Here are some chats of some clans that we've taken over/destroyed:

HJ (HiJackers)

HJ (HiJacker's Alternative Chat)

DB (DeathBomb)


FC (Forever Champions)

TDD (TheDarknessDivision)

List of Clan Enemies:

None so far.

Hunted List; Our Enemies:

None so far.