Divine Imperials of Colossal Genocide

The News Section

This page is about all the news updates I've ever made  from the earliest one I could find (which is not very early, my apologies). I just feel like preserving a bit of BloodyNation history.


 09/11/11 Since people are getting better and want promotions, the person who is at the top of the list by the end of September will get Moderator, if not already one. I fixed up the list, yellow means that they don't come online as much as we'd like, but still in the clan. Remember to familiarize yourself with the ranking rules if unsure. You have less than a month for the rank. Let's get challenging, guys! -Brock

09/17/11 This clan has went through several adjustments throughout this week. I am pleased to announce that Contra will not be breaking up DOT. Also, new members have joined (see ranks at bottom)! Some promotions and demotions have been done, and we need an Owner now more than ever. YOU HAVE FIVE DAYS UNTIL THE DEADLINE, SEPTEMBER 23RD! -Brock

 10/2/11 As you may have known, Barrett quit to make his own clan a long time ago.. but now he's back, and he's also deleted his clan. Apparently he'll bring his members to us, and perhaps we'll get stronger. Many promotions and demotions have been made, and the ranking structure has been changed. Let's hope for the best for BN!

2/18/2012 Hm.. it's been a while since the last update. As you know probably (and should) know, BIO unmerged, but not before taking all our good members. However, BN is been steadily growing ever since, and have hope! BN will never die! I will give you my heart and word on that statement, I will never let BN die. Whoever's spreading rumours and saying otherwise is just kidding themselves. We've been alive for almost a year now, and I'm definitely not giving it up. Clan matters.. let's see. YK is gone, we all know. Braves made a new clan DE with Deadstar, and DE is now gone. Apparently CA has been started up by Crank and Braves (hurray)! Now about RT... we haven't heard from them in a long time, and their chat is dead. I have no idea if they're dead or not. Until it's official, they will remain on our enemies list. The Military Rankings has been taken down... there's been a lot of disputes about it and I thought it would be better to replace it when a less complicated one - the AR (Authority Rankings). Promotions and demotions have been made, and The Rules have also been updated (requirements and the ranking list). Recruit for AR promotions, but keep in mind recruits don't count unless they stay in the clan, and not just a one time visit. New members ftw!


3/03/2012 Hello once again. I am pleased to announce that BN has been growing rapidly since the unmerge of BIO. I really don't have anything to say other than congratulating the amazing members who took the iniative to recruit. Good job, keep up the good work and you will be rewarded! Now it's time for clan matters again. CA is apparently 'as good as dead' because Braves quit due to Crank's shitty leadership. Braves then made a new clan called HT (Hostile Takeover). I haven't determined the relationship between HT and BN yet, so don't hate on them, but stay away from them. As you all know, we've declared war against TDD (The Darkness Division). They will go down in flames, fighting or not. I will make sure of it. And the most important news of all, King is back with SPA. SPA is alive again. Another clan for us to crush! Let's do this BloodyNation. I have yet to declare war on them however, and I will do I realize the situation is perfect. Remember to recruit!


4/01/2012 What's up, BN members! Yesterday I finally posted our clan on the forums. We got a lot of positive feedbacks; we should become official soon. If you want BN to become official, please register on the forums " forum.darkness-project.com " and post positively on our thread! Our clan thread is in the Clan Section --> scroll down ---> BloodyNation. For clan news, SPA is long dead, and some bitter rivalries that BN previously had with other clans have all been resolved. War with TDD is imminent, after I beat him in their "2nd in command" in a 1v1 by one kill (he was spamming m20 and lagging). So remember, guys, POST ON THE CLAN THREAD. WE WILL BECOME OFFICIAL THAT WAY!

P.S.: I will be posting part one of the BN stories on the Stories page on Tuesday/Wednesday.


4/09/2012 Hello BloodyNation! This is definitely the time to be celebrating. W0lv3rin3, the Owner of TDD, has decided to disband the clan! After about a month and a half of hard work and a long period of fighting, BN emerges victorious out of the smoke. Also, BN is now official! Yes, you better believe it. Go to "forum.darkness-project.com" and click English Forum --> Clans --> BloodyNation. It has taken us about a week to get official. Thank you all so much for posting on the forums and contributing, it is greatly appreciated - and also was for a good cause. If you'd already read Part One of the BN stories, please post your feedback on the forums in the "Stories" thread. Also, I will be keeping a timeline beside the news section. The News section is for a summary of major news (perhaps once a month), whereas the timeline will be daily news, keeping the clan up to date. 




5/26/2012 Happy almost birthday. Can you believe that it's almost been at year since our glorious empire has been created? Around August or July BloodyNation was founded by a nooby level 22: me. I had no idea that it would grow to be such a great clan. In other news, a elite group of 5 in BN was recently founded called the "Divine Imperials" (DI). We are a group of elite players who strive to win battles, wars, tournaments, just about anything. So far there are only three people in it: Zero, Thunder, and I. You must be 17/17 to try out. If you wish to do so, PC me immediately. There are only two spots left, so hurry! It sure feels good to be talking to my clan again, to just type what's going on. It's getting late now. We've gained a considerable amount of 17/17 players now; good job recruiters! Some rather serious news now, TDD is back. I am unsure if we should remain enemies or neutral, but for now we'll settle at the latter. You never know though, TDD might become our enemy again. We have relieved ourselves the burden of fighting ZD. The Owner deleted his site that he copied off word by word off us, and made a new one. I have taken him off the Enemy Clan's section and Hit List. A lot of pacts have been made with certain clans and some scars have deepened with others. Long story short, LCN had declared war on LB, thus forcing LB to ask us for an alliance. The offer was refused and they allied with TC instead. Then the war stopped and LB broke their alliance with TC and merged with VoD instead. TC offered BN and alliance, due to the fact that LB wanted war with TC. The response will not be imminent. Clans are growing stronger; we must and will. I'm still working on my BN story, part two is almost done. Also, BN has been getting rather inactive lately. REMEMBER TO RECRUIT MEMBERS! I might be making special ranks for those skilled in recruiting. Keep up the good work members, I'll be signing off now.

P.S.: The Timeline has been moved to the News Page. ~Cliff 


6/7/2012 It appears there was an update on TDP4 yesterday. There was a new map and some bugs were fixed. However, the most important thing that came out was the clan update. Clan wars are now able to battle each other! That's a good update to the world of TDP4. Unfortunately, there are downsides as well. In order to protect our war record, I will now only accept 16/16+ players. We can't have noobs running around, wrecking our war record every day. To those who were kicked out of BN on TDP4: You are still in BN. Just because you're not in on TDP4 doesn't mean you aren't in the clan. You are definitely in the clan, right here in Xat. It's not that I don't appreciate that you're not 17/17, on the other hand I am extremely grateful for your loyalty. We've already lost one war due to a careless accident (I won't be calling names here) and I will ensure that will not happen again. This brings up another topic. I will leave the war page as it is, but only fix the record. Also, the poll for the war on TDD has spoken for itself. It is probable that war will be declared imminently. 

Happy almost birthday! ~Cliff


9/2/2012 Hello, BloodyNation! There has not been an update on the News Section in almost three months, and first of all, I must apologize for that. Things have been too busy, regarding certain clan matters and personal life problems for me. However, I'm sure as the great members you are, you all managed to stay "hip" with the news, always coming up on top of the most recent events! Great job Bn. The first thing I want to say to you members is that our birthday is now past and although the date of our inception is unknown, it is known, however, that it was in August. So Happy Birthday BloodyNation, and may you thrive eternally! I'd like to thank all the members who've been loyal enough to stick with me, your loyalty itself has never been so important to me before. Rest assured, it most definitely is appreciated more than I can describe with words. Clan matters! RTY has declared war after their owner May got worked up that Bn wouldn't war her clan. During this summer, I've spent 75% of my time  away from TDP4 and seriously need to train when I get back. May didn't really seem to care, and after waiting for so long for a war she finally declared war. Here comes the important part where you all need to listen. May does not plan on destroying Bn by warring us, but by tearing us apart by framing, blackmailing, and threatening us. She constantly states that she has proof of us farming or has our passwords, and most of them have proved to be false. She then blackmails us with the false "proof", and demands that either we quit the clan, or get banned. If any of this happens to you, contact an Owner ASAP! If anyone offers you a suspiciously good account, refuse the offer as they will most likely revoke the offer and frame you, then get you banned for "scamming." Also, do not join suspicious rooms! If you join a very suspicious looking combo with a bunch of low levels, they will screenshot that report you for farming. Don't join any suspicious rooms/tournies, and this is vital!

Now, on to TDD matters. We have not warred once, and today Wolv and I have decided to finally have a war. Since TDD is an EA clan, there will be two wars, both of them 2v2. One in AA, and one in EA. Since we are AA players, we will get red in EA (advantage for lag). TDD will do the same and get the red side in AA. To win, we must defeat them in both games. If it is a draw, both clans shall agree on a truce. Nothing happens to the winning team as this is our first war, but the winner will definitely get tons of pride and celebration. Wolv and I have both also agreed to participate in both wars, so in each 2v2, there will be one Member chosen, and one Moderator. If you want to be chosen to war against TDD the qualifications are at least BarrettPG, and M20. Since several Members want to compete, there will be a tournament to decide the ultimate Member (there will be two tournaments, one for Member and one for Mod). Sign up for the tournament by PCing me, and I'll write your name down! Keep in mind that there will be absolutely no items and elementals allowed in the war. Good luck all Members and Mods!


11/3/2012 ***PLEASE READ! NEW NEWS ENTRY!***

Hello fellow members of Bloody Nation! CombicX here! For those of you who don't know me I am the Co-Founder of Bn. Last year Cliff asked me if I wanted to make a clan with him. I've known him for 3 years from TWO clans. I didn't really know what TDP4 was at the time but I said ''Yeah sure I'll play with you and help you out.'', since I'm pretty good and fast at making websites. I created the first website which then got mistakenly destructed by my asshole ex-friend. What's the reason why I first left Bn and just came back for good about a a week ago? Well the reason I left in the first place was because I quit after level 3 and I didn't have spare time to come on Xat and TDP4. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I'M BACK FOR GOOD! That is why I am known as ''Co-Founder'' and also how a Level 10 is an Owner. Please rest assured that you are in good hands and that I have the fourth word in making serious decisions; I've led many successful TWO clans. 

Now for the important news. First of all I'd like to thank Cliff for giving me this opportunity and being such a good friend. I'd also like to apologize if I seem ''rough'' in terms of kicking and banning, but I do try to give as many warnings before resorting to those two actions. Discipline has always been a strong role for me in TWO clans and it worked. I'd also like to thank each and everyone for being active. In the near future (probably after Christmas since I'm broke) I plan on rewarding the active members. I've also seen that we haven't warred in a while, and so I'll try to talk Cliff into letting you guys war more! With such a strong record (22-4) I think we can afford to take chances! -CombicX   

Hello BloodyNation. I'm sorry for not updating the site; I've been extremely busy with the upcoming Official English Clan War and other TDP4 matters, as well as personal issues as well. As mentioned, Combi will be online more to aid us in our growth. I'm sorry for the lack of wars, but you all should know that I'm trying my best to lead us to victory. I have started the sequel on the Bn story, so don't be surprised if you see me saying I'm busy with it! Happy late Halloween, and Christmas is already on its way here. :) Can you believe it's been more than a year already?



11/17/2012 Hey hey hey! How are you doing? Nothing big has really happened, which can be good. However, we do have an issue. Xat is being glitchy, and so it might happen that the chat automatically signs you out and then back in where everyone will be guest. DO NOT WORRY. SIMPLY REFRESH AND THE PROBLEM SHOULD BE RESOLVED, IF NOT WAIT FIVE MINUTES AND TRY AGAIN. Unfortunately, this is a Xat issue, which is not an issue that we can resolve; we must simply be patient. I'd like to thank all of you for being loyal. There is a slight problem... I have been informed that we are losing TDP4 players and I agree, I see this more as a chat now. If you guys could focus and play more TDP4, that would be great. We need to be active clanwise, right now we are just active chatwise. Please try your best to recruit, we need more TDP4 activity! THANK YOU EVERYONE AGAIN FOR BEING AWESOME! -CombicX

Recruiting Specialists, get on it. You know what to do. ~Cliff


12/7/2012 Hello everyone. I'd like to thank everyone once again for sticking with BloodyNation. We are the longest living TDP4 clan! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has stayed with us despite the ups and downs! I haven't been able to come online a lot lately (I'll get to that in a second), but when I've been here in the past  two weeks I always see at least 7+ people online. As you can see I haven't been on a lot lately because I'm extremely busy. My activity will be fluctuating. Migraines, social life, projects, etc.. I am trying to be as active as I can be. I promise that I will be back at some point; everyone has a month or so where they're really busy because everything happens at once, and that's what's happening to me right now. I should be back to what I was before (being online 2-5 hours a day) by the end of December/beginning of January.


Recruiting Specialists, good job on the recruiting portion! However, the inactivity in our chat needs to stop. Instead of recruiting, I now ask you to PM the members on TDP4 via the lobby or Kongregate, to inform them about the chat box. We need more members in here, make it happen!


3/2/2013 Hello Bn! Wraith here. Now you might be asking yourself why I haven't been on in such a long time. I have a reason for that. Unfortunately my migraines have restarted, and it's been real tough. However, I have been to the chat frequently recently (I was logged out and just didn't decide to login). Why did I not login? The only two people I see online are Thunder and Young, and they're always alone! Big props to you two for being very loyal. WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE ELSE? I'd really like to see this active again... IF WE CAN GET AT LEAST TEN PEOPLE ACTIVE I WILL HIGHLY CONSIDER CHOOSING SOMEONE AT RANDOM AND GIVING THEM SOMETHING! EITHER GIVING MY POWERS AWAY, ITUNES CARD, UGC. BUT YOU, LADIES AND GENTS, NEED TO GET ACTIVE FOR THAT! I will check back regularly for activity.

RECRUIT! -/- Combi/Wraith/Cofounder/Whateveryoucallme


4/22/2013  I'd like to start by congratulating Nazi on getting Main, he definetely deserves it. 

Second of all I'd like to thank 80% of you for being loyal, among those are Cliff, Nazi, Thunder, Young, Aj, GTCT, Cruxis, and Calico. If your name isn't here it's because you should come on more!
This leads us to the third thing I'd like to discuss. Please recruit! Our activity is good but we need more recruits! This leads us to my last comment. The last entry is real and I will reward the people who recruits the most and the people who are active. The problem is that I do not have any money. I don't even have money for myself since I can't go get a job because of my frigging migraines. Hang in there!
Thanks to everyone for keeping us a family! 
PS : Please call me FinalResist from now on please!

- FinalResist



We would like to apologize for not posting any news entries since the last one. A lot of us were really busy with school and especially exams, but now it is summer, so here's my entry BlueNinjas! Oh you don't like that name? Okay. :( Jokes aside, I would like to say that yes, I am alive! The reason for me not being online is that my laptop basically has a mind of its own (it doesn't always work). I would also like to let you know that I have not let go of Bn and nor do I plan to for at least the next year. I am trying everything to come online and fix my laptop. Unfortunately, I don't know when this will be all fixed so I can't give you a date, but I will be back soon.


 I will be supplying information of the Eras of BloodyNation and the day to day news. 

 The Jiraiyan Era: BN's birth (August 2011) - Merge with BIO (Mid-December)

This era is named after the famous TDP4 player Jiraiya who was notorious for trolling my combos. It was a sad day when he got hacked; he was level 60 left with a gold eagle. We witness the birth of a new and great empire, and we become to grow famous and to power as well. During this time, we begin to crush small clans. 

>News recorded but not saved<



The Cryptic Era: Merge with BIO (Mid-December) - Unmerge with BIO (Beginning of February)

This era is named after the frustrating and angry days of the merge. Several problems were caused between BN and BIO, some of them being within each other as well. BIO had stolen several of our members during the process and unmerged. Bigger clans are also defeated by our hand. 

>News recorded but not saved<



The Progressive Era: Unmerge with BIO (Beginning of February) - BN Becoming Official (Beginning of April)

The Progressive Era gained its name by of the regrowth of BN, after the unmerge. After several members left/were stolen, the remaining clan members did a ton of recruiting and brought BN back to its normal state. Without them we would not be what we are today. We had many clans surrender or forced to merge with us. The Progressive Era is the most notable era so far as our regrowth has brought several new and exceptional members, proceeding promotions and demotions. Also, we have become official! The most famous war yet with BN (TDD; TheDarknessDivision) was defeated on the same day as BN became official. 

>Some news recorded and saved<

4/09/2012 - TDD disbands due to pressure from war (DYL declared war on them too)

4/09/2012 - BN becomes official!



The Recurring Era: BN Becoming Official (Beginning of April) - The Death of RTY (October 6th)

The Recurring Era is a more progressive and developed state of the Cryptic Era. This era contains in it the most developmental stages of our ancient enemy, BIO. After leaving us with almost nothing, Sei, the BIO leader, thrived vigorously off our members. He disbanded BIO and made a new version of it, named LB (Lost Bloods). The reason for this is unknown. LB held the most significant ascent of their new and cunning leader, May, otherwise known as Lovely. She replaced Sei as leader, who retired due to personal reasons. It was in this period where LB members were taught to despise us with all their heart. Once again, for an unknown reason,